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Construction Services


Construction and Development Services

We provide general contracting services on a variety of types of projects including Interior Shell Build-outs, Tenant Improvement Remodels, Historical and Structural Retro-Fits


Project Pre-Planning: As a company with substantial experience in building management and operations, we are uniquely qualified to assist in the pre-planning of a project from the perspective that a finished project is best designed and constructed with the long-term ownership and operation taken into account. This may sound like common sense, but too often the long term operation of the property is not considered in the initial design phase. We can provide solutions to balance construction cost with long term efficiency of operation in the early design phase.


Permitting Process: We coordinate the efforts of the architect, engineers and environmental consultants in developing the package of documents and plans required to submit and obtain the building permits or entitlement approvals. Acting as the owner’s representative our mission is to coordinate the various parties and keep them on the best track to deliver the project permit documents in the most time efficient process possible.

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